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Past Classes

Why No Revolution?
A Short history of American Left Movements up to 1945 Part 1
featuring Joe Uris

Tuesday, February 21
6-7:30 pm
Multnomah County Central Library
801 S.W. 10th Avenue

Throughout the history of the United States, beginning in the 1880s, there have been labor struggles, struggles against slavery, and struggles for a more equitable distribution of wealth. Joe will briefly examine some of that history, including the formation of labor unions, idealistic and utopian movements for social justice, peace movements and efforts to bring a better share of the resources of this continent to all the people.

Dr. Joe Uris is an associate professor (ret.) of history and sociology at Portland State University. He currently teaches a summer survey course in American History. Joe has written numerous articles for Willamette Week, the Oregonian and other publications. He does a talk radio program on KBOO 90.7 FM Tuesday mornings from 8-9 with Abe Protor. From the early 60s on, Joe organized for peace and social justice in New York and Portland.

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